Curriculum Vitae
Minted online marketplace offers many beautiful designs for any occasion, however there are not many customizable designs for the back of stationery. As a Senior Designer, we provide an additional service of creating matching, completely-custom back of card designs.
Between 2014 and 2015, I not only trained 200+ designers on use of the Minted order fulfillment systems and design aesthetics, but also created four 45+ page booklets to supplement trainings for both Customer Service Representatives and Design Associates.
To further support the Customer Service and Design staff, I built and designed an internal website on a WordPress platform accessible to employees only. WordPress was an ideal platform for content management to make website updates as easy as possible for the contributors.

The landing page is an announcement board with company-wide alerts, department specific announcements and updates on changes occurring within other departments. Other resources include digital training materials and reference documentation, company processes and policies, HR and IT contact information.
In a company with so many independent moving parts it's always important to know who and what each department is responsible for and who to contact. These Interdepartmental Communication Guides outline point of contact information, emergency scenarios and escalation processes throughout the company for both inquiries and urgent escalations.
Indie Electronic Rock Artist

A “Descendant” from the Outer Worlders, he has been cast into the third planet [Earth] and forced to resume existence in California.

Since then, he has completed full human transmogrification and has become an inhabitant of the Bay Area, furtively assimilating into local society and culture.

Adopting the moniker, WURTHINGTUN, he continues to blend alongside native third planet dwellers while reveling in his new paradise.

A minstrel of sorts in previous cycles, he spends many lunar moons sharing songs of exploits, romance and philosophies that transcend beyond the native tongue, body & mind.

AGE: Infantile (9,000-13,000 LM)
PLANET: Unrevealed
Hopie is a graduate of the UC Hastings law school and also an influential figure in the underground Bay Area Hip-Hop scene who has laid groundwork for female musicians in a predominantly male industry. Sugar Water is her latest EP that I have had the pleasure of designing.
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broken the short film
High Times - T-Vape Advert (December 2013)

West Contra Costa Unified School District
ADDCOLOR Production
W3 Experience
Almost 11 Apparel

Power of Words - Words of Wisdom
Master Bong Electronic Press Kit
Apex Global Electronic Press Kit